Insta-Good: 7 Accounts to Follow

June 13, 2018

Everyone knows that Instagram is a part of everyday life, whether you like it or not. Sometimes it can feel like we spend too much time on Instagram and not enough time doing something productive.


It doesn’t have to feel like that if you follow the most empowering pages on the gram. Below are some tried and true accounts to follow to brighten your day! 

  • March: This page is all about spreading empowerment and figuratively marching against racism, sexism, classism and all things bigotry.






  • Feminist: The Instagram page that is all about spreading the belief that all people are equal, no matter their gender!



  • Hi.Ur.Beautiful: Get comfortable loving every inch of your body while scrolling through your feed with theInstagram that is all about spreading body positivity.



  • Itsfeminism: Empowering all women one post at a time!



  • Gentle.ig: Follow this Instagram page for your daily dose of inspiration to be just a little more loving.



  • Memesforequality: A safe and empowering place for the LGBTQ+ community

  • Activismfuckyeah: There’s no need to read between the lines for this page – it’s all about activism! 




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